You are driving down the 401 and suddenly; a flat tire- and you do not have a spare. You pull over while looking around in desperate search for a used tire shop. Buying used tires from a used tire shop is a much more cost effective and globally friendly way to replace your flat tires. Instead of you coming to us, we will come to you. Just call your local used tire shop that is located closest to you and order your tires. We will deliver your used tires within fifteen minutes and we will also change your tires for you on the spot. Our used tire shops are conveniently located near major highways and we are open 24/7 for your convenience. Our main used tire shop has thousands of tires available for you to choose from and our off-site storages are always fully stocked with new shipments of tires coming in daily. We are sure to meet all of your tire needs with our top of the line expert staff and state of the art facilities. Our used tires are all high quality and are almost brand new. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can save a lot of money when buying used tires and if you have used tires you want to sell, we’ll buy them from you. We cater to any car type by providing you with tires of all car sizes and even trucks. Our main goal is to provide you, our clients, with the best possible quality of service. We are extremely confident that you will love our service and will be absolutely satisfied with the tires we sell in our used tire shop. The staff prides itself on its expertise in our field and the quality it has provided customers with over the years. We do not carry any new tires as we are aiming for a globally friendly relationship with our clients and the world they live in. Our experience, proficiency, and knowledge assure our clients will have the best tire maintenance they will ever come across. So, the next time you find yourself stuck with a flat tire on a major highway without a spare tire in the trunk of your car, contact our used tire shop and we will solve all your tire-related problems.

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