Our 3D laser alignment system is among one of the most sophisticated alignment systems on the market today. It has the capability to do, not only European cars, but imports, modified and lowered cars as well as sports and high performance vehicles.


This system differs from other inferior systems by giving accurate “as driven” readings for each wheel individually and gives the operator a full picture of the vehicles alignment in order for them to adjust or advise of any errors in the vehicles set up. Inferior systems take average readings for pairs of wheels and this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is set up correctly and may lead to undesired tire wear or strange handling characteristics, whereas with the John Bean Visualiner 3D each wheel is able to be independently checked and adjusted (if possible) to ensure the best handling and longest tire wear.

The laser alignment system is able to produce both written and visual copies of the readouts of the vehicles current alignment data, this enables us to show the customer what is wrong with their vehicle via the monitor in our comfortable reception area, allowing us to give an accurate cost and time scale for rectification or repair.

Most people, when purchasing tires, don’t feel the need, or even think about, having their wheel alignment checked but this can lead to uneven and excessive tire wear. The most common cause of mis-alignment is potholes, speed bumps and hitting kerbs when parking the car. Even the slightest knock to the wheel, if it is at the correct angle, is enough to cause the wheel alignment to be knocked out and thus creating a problem for the customer regarding tire wear. The minimal cost of having the wheel alignment checked when purchasing tires may mean that you will save a considerable amount of money by not having to replace them un-necessarily due to them wearing out on the edges before the end of their life span.