It’s that crazy time of year again; winter in Toronto. Just saying the word winter sends a rush down your spine, especially if you’re a Torontonian you know how difficult winter can be. Now imagine driving in Toronto during the winter season. Slush and black ice become a real issue all drivers face. The first things that should be at the top of your list of winter items to buy are good winter tires. Find the right tires for your vehicle at Winter Tires Toronto. We offer a special limited time winter offer of 50 percent off every second tire you buy. At Winter Tires Toronto we can guarantee you that each tire purchased will be of the highest quality. Only the finest of materials are used to make these winter soldiers that shield and protect you from the harsh Canadian storms. Ultra tough rubber is used to make each tire so that they can handle the rough icy terrain during Toronto’s coldest times. Winter Tires Toronto offers each customer a free replacement tire for each third tire that is purchased. Safety is a top priority at Winter Tires Toronto, and that is why each and every tire purchased will help all our customers through the toughest and slipperiest of snow safely and quickly. New customers also receive free replacement services at Winter Tires Toronto for the first replacement they need because we know how difficult it can be to manage your winter tires in this unforgiving weather. All tires from Winter Tires Toronto are installed at the store’s garage; your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our workers take extra care in installing your winter tires to ensure that your car will not bear a single scratch. Our team of highly-trained mechanics will get your winter tires changed or installed in under 30 minutes for your convenience. Come by and pick up your winter tires from Winter Tires Toronto today!

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