Depending on where you live as well as the conditions you must deal with on a daily basis, you need to select the right tire for these conditions. The first step is to understand what the average conditions for driving are in your area since this is what your car will have to deal with the most. These will determine the primary tires you use throughout the year, but certainly not the only type that you will use especially if you live in a climate that has different extremes in terms of weather conditions. You must also factor in any extreme weather conditions that can occur on a seasonal basis, which can include things like rain, snow, and perhaps even hard-to-see conditions such as fog where good handling can be the difference between getting into and out of an unexpected predicament due to low visibility. The most common type of tires purchased are called “all season” which can be found at tire stores across Toronto. All season tires Toronto offers relatively good performance in most driving conditions, but you must keep in mind that they will not be ideal for extreme conditions where more specialized tires are more practical. Since the elements of an all season tire’s design are averaged, you can also consider to purchase seasonal tires as well that are more tailored to the climate you live in whether it is a dry and warm one. In terms of winter driving conditions such as ice and snow, winter tires are a must (especially for us Canadians). The difference is the increase in the number of “sipes” in the tire, which are thin slits on the rubber surface that are meant to increase the tire’s traction on wet, snowy, and/or icy roads. As such, you will get better traction with winter tires, which are optimized for below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is important to change the tires once conditions get better outside since the increased traction can prove problematic due to increased risk for wearing on the tires and inflated gas consumption from the increased grip. Another factor to consider is the type of tread you will need for your everyday driving needs. Will your vehicle spend most of the time on the highway like most office workers do, or will it spend a considerable portion of the day driving through off-road terrain as is the case with a lot of construction workers? Visit any All Season Tires Toronto store for more details about how to choose the right tire for your climate or job description.

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