The exhaust system of a car is designed to do a couple of things, both of which are important for your next emission test. Firstly, it is designed to reduce the amount of noise that comes out of your muffler. Municipalities have bi-laws about the amount of noise that a muffler can emit, and so in order to ensure you are not by-passing these limits, you can visit a Toronto Auto Repair store for more details about it. Another important feature about mufflers is their ability to properly reduce the amount of harmful gases that get emitted from the vehicle while it is driving. This feature is one of the main things that are tested during an emissions test, and so it is your responsible to take it to a nearby Toronto Auto Repair store in order to make sure your car is emitting acceptable levels of gases from the muffler. The exhaust system runs throughout the vehicle but begins in the front where the engine is. The cylinder heads of the engine have exhaust manifolds that are connected to them which function to collect all the gases that emerge from the cylinders while the car is running. The gases then move through a system where they pass through oxygen sensors that analyze oxygen content in the gases. Afterwards, these gases then run through a catalytic converter which takes these harmful gases and catalyzes a reaction to make them into less harmful gases that can finally exit through the muffler at the back of the car. This whole process basically ensures that your car runs with less noise and gas pollution on the roads. However, all the aforementioned systems are places where the exhaust system can become problematic, something that requires the skillful hand of a mechanic at your local Toronto Auto Repair store. Professionals can properly diagnose the component that is problematic, and bring your car up to standards by providing the right services that can get your vehicle running properly. Typical mufflers are built to last for years, sometimes even the life time of a car, but there are many things that can happen throughout a drive that can damage it. You will know it’s time for a new muffler when you begin to hear noises that get louder as the car begins to accelerate, which is usually diagnostic of a problematic muffler although you must get a professional to verify this for you. In any case, contact a professional for more details about a muffler and the exhaust system and how it works to help keep your car quiet and reduced in emissions of harmful gases!

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