Wheel Alignment


Our 3D laser alignment system is among one of the most sophisticated alignment systems on the market today. It has the capability to do, not only European cars, but imports, modified and lowered cars as well as sports and high performance vehicles.


This system differs from other inferior systems by giving accurate “as driven” readings for each wheel individually and gives the operator a full picture of the vehicles alignment in order for them to adjust or advise of any errors in the vehicles set up. Inferior systems take average readings for pairs of wheels and this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is set up correctly and may lead to undesired tire wear or strange handling characteristics, whereas with the John Bean Visualiner 3D each wheel is able to be independently checked and adjusted (if possible) to ensure the best handling and longest tire wear.

The laser alignment system is able to produce both written and visual copies of the readouts of the vehicles current alignment data, this enables us to show the customer what is wrong with their vehicle via the monitor in our comfortable reception area, allowing us to give an accurate cost and time scale for rectification or repair.

Most people, when purchasing tires, don’t feel the need, or even think about, having their wheel alignment checked but this can lead to uneven and excessive tire wear. The most common cause of mis-alignment is potholes, speed bumps and hitting kerbs when parking the car. Even the slightest knock to the wheel, if it is at the correct angle, is enough to cause the wheel alignment to be knocked out and thus creating a problem for the customer regarding tire wear. The minimal cost of having the wheel alignment checked when purchasing tires may mean that you will save a considerable amount of money by not having to replace them un-necessarily due to them wearing out on the edges before the end of their life span.



Our primary concern is always making sure our customers travel safely to and from their destination whether it’s to work, the arena or the cottage. Understanding your driving habits and how you need your vehicle to perform, helps us to help you select the right tires for your vehicle and your drive, every time.

We carry winter tires, summer tires and recreational tires to suit all types of cars trucks and SUVs. We don’t want you to drop by just once – if you don’t come back after your first purchase, we haven’t done our job. Our goal is to build a longterm business relationship with our customers. That way, we get to know your car truck or SUV and how you use it.


Our prices are competitive, our tires are backed by nation-wide and in-house warranties, and our service continues to prove itself long after the sale is made. We will not try to sell you something simply because we have it in stock. We want to determine the right choice for you.

Our philosophy is that it pays to purchase a product that best suits your needs,  from a supplier that will service the product after the purchase. We believe that building rapport is better than making a quick sale.

We’ve worked hard to build a great reputation as the best tire dealer in Barrie, and we keep working hard to maintain it.


All season tires are designed to handle any type of weather. Unlike summer tires, all season tires won’t leave you spinning in the snow, although they are not recommended for severe snow and ice conditions. Their reinforced sidewalls keep the tire shoulders on the road, while microgrooves help provide biting edges that lock together, enabling better grip when turning on wet roads.


Performance tires used to be for exotic sports cars with high horsepower engines, but performance tires are now used in practically every type of vehicle, They are available in all shapes and sizes as well as for almost every category and for most conditions, like snow, cold and even dirt roads. Performance tires improve steering, handling and braking response.


Recreational tires include those for: lawn tractors, farm tractors, ATV (all terrain), wheel barrows, inner tubes, boat trailers, skid steer, and golf carts. The tires are all designed with the appropriate traction, and treads for the equipment and vehicles. Tires used for ATVs and tractors have stiffer sidewalls for greater resistance against puncture when travelling off-road, the tread pattern offers wider spacing than all-season tires to remove mud from the tread.


Summer tires are designed to adapt well to the warm pavement during the spring and summer months. Summer tire treads are less aggressive than treads on winter tires which provides you a smoother ride. The treads on summer tires are also designed to get better traction on rain-soaked roads.


During the winter months severe driving conditions can be experienced which include: ice, snow, and slush. Winter tires are designed to provide enhanced traction with advanced deep tread designs allowing your vehicle to easily grip snow-covered and icy roads. They are designed to stay soft and flexible at low temperatures, so they will deform and re-conform to all the irregular surfaces of ice, resulting in grip.

Tune Up


NASCAR AUOTO SERVICE is proud to offer our clients with a GUARANTEE that surpasses their expectations. We provide this guarantee on the services that are listed below. These services apply to both domestic and import vehicles.


The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher cost associated with automotive repair is by doing routine maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturers of your vehicle suggest getting done to keep your vehicle going. Whether you have a car or truck, we provide the maintenance services to keep it running well.


It is very important to change your vehicles oil & filter at the proper mileage set of by the vehicle manufacturer. We also do a complementary visual inspection with your oil change as we care about your safety.


Brakes wear out over time, requiring service. How long they last is based on various factors such as driving conditions, how you brake, and others. For this very reason, it is necessary to service your brakes when needed. Ultimate Performance provides a complimentary brake system inspection with any other service to make sure that any potential problem is taken care of before it becomes a safety concern.


The transmission may well be one of the most complicated and important components of your car or truck. That is why it’s extremely important to properly service your transmission at the factory recommended intervals. Our skilled technicians have the training to properly service & diagnose any problems. Ultimate Performance also offers clutch services.


It is very important to keep your vehicle properly tuned . If your vehicle is out of tune, you may fail your aircare emissions test & also decrease your fuel mileage. Worn spark plugs may cause misfires which can reduce a cars efficiency by as much as 30%. Replace your air filter often. When the air filter clogs with dirt, dust & bugs, it causes your engine to work harder and your car becomes less efficient. Replacing a clogged air filter could improve your fuel mileage by as much as 10%. Our technicians are qualified to properly repair & tune today’s vehicles.


Contact us for more information on your particular vehicle. We will be happy to assist you. We take all major forms of payment including credit cards and debit.